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NOON features Handbalancers Joana Martinho and Elaine Briant. It's based on original artistic research by Martinho with added artistic direction and co-creation by Briant.

The film was produced by Imative in 2023 and premiered at the Vienna International Film Awards in December the same year. The film also received the price for Best Experimental at the Nepalese Humro Cinema Festival and the Founder's Award at Circus International Film Festival in 2024.

Artistic Research: Joana Martinho

Artistic Direction: Elaine Briant

Director of Photography: Isak Stockås

Post Production: Isak Stockås

Music by: Joel Roxendal

Supported by: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Färgfabriken, Subtopia, Kompani Giraff

Festivals: Circus International Film Festival, Vienna International Film Awards, Humro Cinema, 4theatre, Odense International Film Festival

Awards: Founder's Award (Circus International Film Festival), Best Experimental (Humro Cinema)

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