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Film Series

Svenska Äventyr

A tribute to the Swedish nature and the fantastic adventures it has to offer to those who dare to venture out. In the films, we meet people with powerful life stories, whether they are famous or unknown. It's their life experiences, challenges, joys, and sorrows that take center stage. Their stories are authentic, exciting, and true. This is the essence of the episodes. Success and adversity – what drives them? What makes them come back for the next adventure?

The series is produced by Moments Matter in 2022-2023, currently being edited and awaiting distribution. 

Director & Director of Photography: Anders Klapp

Camera Operator: Isak Stockås, Jesper Kusoffsky

Drone Operator: Isak Stockås, Anders Klapp, Jesper Kusoffsky

Assistant Director: Robin Trygg, Agnes Klapp

Stills: Isak Stockås, Robin Trygg, Anders Klapp

Post Production: Anders Klapp, Agnes Klapp, Isak Stockås

Idea & Copy: Anders Klapp, Robin Trygg

Supported by: Visit Sweden, Fjällräven, MSB, Fjällsäkerhetsrådet, Tillväxtverket

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