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Group Trips

Whether you're a travel agency or group-trip-organizer, we can capture photo and video content from your group travels. 


Our recent trip with Swedish Trekking Tours (Swett), to the stunning Dolomites, showcases our ability to capture unforgettable memories while keeping a high tempo in challenging conditions. With a positive attitude and extensive experience as travelers, we bring a unique perspective to all our projects.

Isak is a fantastic photographer and videographer and the perfect person to document your next adventure. Isak joined our group during our new hiking trip in the Dolomites. He proved to be a reliable companion to the guide and he was appreciated by all the guests. We couldn’t be more happy about the photos and the video that Isak produced from the trip. To document adventure travel, it’s not enough to be a skilled photographer; you also need good endurance, agility and social competence, all of which Isak possesses in abundance.


I strongly recommend Isak to other travel-companies who want to document their trips.

 –Adam Lindgren (Quality Manager & Guide at Swett.)

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Bring your travels to life with a beautiful and inspiring travel film. We create short yet impactful "after-movies" that capture the essence of your adventure. Let us help you share your story with the world, and inspire others to take the leap and embark on their own journey of discovery!


As your travel photographers, we blend in well with the group and capture all of the important moments of your trip. From stunning landscapes to candid moments with your travel companions. Our photos work effectively as content for social media, presentations or advertising. They also serve well as cherished memories of the journey which are greatly appreciated by the guests. 

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