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About us

We are a small, mobile production team telling big stories from all around the world.

Our Work

We pride ourselves on our small, dedicated team, ensuring personal and efficient communication with every client. With a passion for great stories, we collaborate closely with our clients to produce impactful results tailored to their unique identity and audience.

Our wide range of high-quality services includes social media and ad content, commercial and editorial photography, video campaigns, and full documentary productions. We approach each project with technical expertise and a creative mindset, aiming not only to grab attention but also to effectively communicate your brand's values and message.

Whether you're a small startup seeking to make a big impact or an established business looking to elevate your brand, Imative is here to transform your ideas into visually captivating content.

Our Mission

Driven by our passion for adventure and the great outdoors, we strive to evoke a sense of wanderlust in our productions, inspiring others to explore the world and embark on transformative experiences of their own. Through powerful visuals that transcend language barriers and stir emotions, we aim to communicate the importance of conservation, environment, and sustainability. By showcasing the beauty of our planet and supporting local communities, we aspire to inspire positive change.

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Meet the Team


Isak Stockås


Producer, Director, Photographer, Cinematographer, Editor


Anne Müller

Photographer, Assistant Director

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